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Tom Flannery is a business executive with 25 years of experience in the medical device & plastic contract manufacturing industry primarily in Mexico and Southern California. As an accomplished leader, he has a demonstrated track record of building and scaling successful businesses, executing complex business transactions, and driving organizational transformation.

Tom's most notable achievement was as President of Formula Plastics, where he successfully doubles sales and tripled profits before selling the company. Prior to joining Formula Plastics, Tom supported the development and eventual sale of VitalMed to Spectrum Plastics, which sold to DuPont for $1.75B.  Earlier in his career Tom was a Joint Venture Partner and General Manager for Nypro Healthcare where he was instrumental in driving 33% of the enterprise value of a $1 billion global business. Tom grew up in Asia, and specifically, spent a decade in Hong Kong and Singapore, has lived and worked in Mexico and travels the world giving him a unique global perspective that has contributed to his success. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Finance from Florida Atlantic University and completed advanced accounting course work from University of California San Diego.  

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Proplastx can support in a variety of areas including but not limited to:

Vaccine Production Line
Campaign Pitch

Business Development

Tap into decades of contacts in the plastic manufacturing industry to support your company's rapid expansion. Bring on experienced salespeople to build your brand and delight your clients.

Operational Transfer and Start Up

Having built and transferred a number of new production facilities, Proplastx can manage your project from the beginning.

Market Strategy

Every successful business has a well defined strategy and clearly identified market, Proplastx understands the plastics manufacturing space and can support the development and executing of your business strategy.

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